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The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Substantial makup beyond the hype. Why Airbrush Makeup

Learning to Airbrush

African American Airbrush shades Ethnic skin shades for women of the world

Airbrush Makeup on your skin type

Regular skin type, dry skin type Oily skin type, combination skin Sensitive skin type, young skin Skin in her 30s - 60s and beyond

Natural ingredients advantage

Learn about our quality natural formulas Waterbased, elegant and gentle

How does Airbrush makeup compare?

Mineral Powders, Liquid Foundations Pressed Powders & more...

Long lasting performance

18 hour wear performance guarantee Touching-up in the event of an emergancy Luminess waterproof makeup sealant

Dermatologist Recommended

Airbrush for sensitive skin Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic

Looks like skin, not like makeup

Never look "made-up," look natural

Sheer to maximum coverage

Luminess delivers versitile coverage Airbrush high coverage without the mask Selective & spot coverage for problem areas

Airbrush for younger looking skin?

Skeptical? Learn why Luminess actually delivers the look of younger smoother glowing skin

Airbrush more than foundation

Blush, Eyeshadow, Body works Skin Care, Tanning & More

Everyday or Special Occasion?

Fast & beautiful for daily use Breathtaking for special occasions

One time investment

Think airbrush is expensive? One time Investment for a lifetime of service

Taking Care of my Luminess

Self cleaning stylus Industry best warranty Customer service & support

How easy is it to learn?

Luminess is quick and easy Great for everyday use